Sunday, July 31, 2011


Healthy way to start the morning......

 We woke up bright and early and  headed down to Carlsbad so that I could meet up with some friends to talk about an upcoming shower were throwing. We had husbands and babies in tow as well since we planned on a beach day afterwards. We talked for about an hour about the party, had some mimosas, and scones then headed down to the beach. The weather was a bit windy and the sun was in and out of the clouds but it turned out to be a really fun day. We hiked down the beach with 8 kids and found a nice secluded part of the beach. Olive spent most the time crawling down to the water at full speed while we chased her. She refused to take any steps all day. She was on super speedy crawling mission. She definitely got a taste of sand this time as she was covered from head to toe. Eating at the beach as an adult is hard enough with all the elements but feeding a baby that won't sit still is quite exciting. The boys and Alison got to surf and Olive even took and hour nap! 

We didn't want the day to end so we went back to Alison and Scott's for some tacos and margaritas. We sat in the backyard with the kids and ate a yummy dinner. I miss having all these friends so close by. Saturday summer bbq's should be a must so we're going to try and continue doing these once in awhile. All the kids get a long and it was so relaxing to make dinner and hang.

Today started off with Dim Sum with Evan which was delicious but Olive is in a phase where she isn't really easy to bring out to restaurants. We had a good few months where she was easily entertained and happy playing with a spoon but now she gets super bored and throws everything off the table. Eating usually consists of handing her a million things to do all while she throws each and everything. We've tried it all. I'm sure it will get better but for now I think staying home is much easier. Today I was on a mission to garden like crazy. It was crazy humid and hot and it seriously felt like Florida and not California. We even got bits of sunny rain which was wonderful in the heat while working outside on my garden. I'm attempting to grow Kale, Arugula, and carrots. I had no idea what to do so I googled a few things here and there and there are all these crazy technical things about gardening. I'm really naive to the whole process so I did what I thought was best and I hope something grows. If anyone has any advice on what to use to help it grow (organically) I'm super open to suggestions!

It will be another early night. Blake is already passed out and I think I'm ready to join him. Too much sun this weekend makes for a tired house. Let's hope Olive feels the same way.....

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