Friday, July 29, 2011

i love eggplant

Just sitting down on my computer with a big glass of wine and a cake pop with the hopes that my child will sleep all night! I'm scared to drink my last half of wine cause if I do she will be up at 11 and if I don't she will sleep till 5. Hmmm what to do what to do......

I have some retouching to do for a job I shot last week so I'm waiting for Blake to get home so he can help me. Aka do it for me cause he is nice like that. Another wild friday night in the Sinclair house. 

I made a really yummy dinner tonight thanks to this lovely mommy blog. Blake and I get pretty stuck in our few go to meals that it's pretty rare that we add something new in the mix. I mean I am always trying out new recipes but most of them have never really stuck. I think Blake is going to start hiding my Bon Appetit Magazine cause as soon as that comes in the mail there is guaranteed to be some weird meal being made and most of the time I royally fuck it up. I LOVE food and I consider myself a foodie but I suck at cooking. Anyways the point of this post is that I've found a new meal that we can add into our mix. Basically it's a roasted eggplant with really yummy flavors. It just so happened that I went to the farmers market yesterday and picked up eggplants, red peppers, green beans, and tomatoes. Then a few hours later I saw this recipe come in in my blogroll and it had all the ingredients that I bought. Anyways I have this really bad habit of skimming through recipes and kinda ignoring the ingredients that I don't  have or using random substitutes. I completely ignored the walnuts cause I don't like nuts in my warm food (don't get me started on my weird food pet peeves). Also my lemon tree is empty so I didn't have any citrus except a bottle of lemonade my mom left at my house. Besides being totally white trash it worked out perfectly. Next time I will leave out the red pepper flakes cause Blake and I are totally pussies when it comes to spice. I also added in a bell pepper and next time I might add a carrot. It was seriously so good and so easy. I didn't make the fancy rice but it sounds fairly easy. Anyways just thought I would post this cause it was easy, vegetarian, and fun to make! And if I didn't screw it up you won't either!

Photos from today.....

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