Thursday, July 21, 2011


Just waiting for Olive to wake up from her nap so we can run around and do some errands. I tried to blog yesterday but my brain was in zombie mode. Two nights ago Olive decided to be a party animal and pull an all nighter. Zero fun for anyone. My mom put her to sleep and gave her a bottle with some pumped milk and now I'm wondering if the milk was pumped after I drank coffee or something? I'm usually pretty good about timing it but something was going on and that is the only thing I can think of. She went to sleep fine but got up at 10 and was pretty much up the entire night till a little after 3. I think she finally got about 3 hours in and then was up for the day. It was a long day for me and luckily my mom was here for a few hours in the morning to help. Olive had swimming lessons yesterday and I thought she would be grumpy due to not sleeping but she was amazing and the entire day was in a good mood. She swam like a champ and had a ton of fun. Me on the other hand, I was a total grump and pissed at the world. I've learned to live on a few hours of sleep but not sleeping at all just doesn't work for me.

This weekend I'm leaving for the entire day on Saturday to hang out with my friend in Palm Springs. She is having a bachelorette party out there for the weekend but I'm just going for the day. I just don't think I'm ready to spend a night away from Olive especially with her waking up all night. Hopefully she will figure it out soon cause in September I will be gone for two weekends. One weekend Blake will be watching her and the other my mom. Getting a little nervous about that. Pumping milk to store up is much harder now. I mean I have enough for her but getting that extra out is not as easy any more and actually finding the time with her running around is another thing. I'm excited for Blake to spend the day with her alone without me. I think it will be good for them to have that bonding time. There is a ton of stuff around that house that needs to get done so maybe they will have a fun little get shit done kinda day. Just hope she doesn't miss the boob too much.........

When my mom was here we did a ton of shopping for the backyard. I'm going to be planting some kale, arugula, and carrots.  I'm hoping it will actually work as I tend to murder everything I plant. So Sunday I will be gardening like crazy in hopes that we will have a little garden. So far I've been really lucky with my rosemary and that is about it. Sad since I think Rosemary will grow pretty much anywhere. I've also had one tomato and I think there are a few more ready to sprout. My fruit trees are  doing ok and I've had a few pretty yummy limes. My lemons look like they are going to be here any day. My oranges not so much. The neighborhood cat has decided to use the planter as a litter box which is fucking disgusting. But on a positive note there is a new tree sprouting next to the existing one so maybe the cat poop is like some form of super fertilizer?? Oh I also have crazy yellow mushrooms like super mario style growing in the orange tree planter as well. Trying to have a garden is serious hard work.

So starting this weekend we are booked up till mid October every single weekend which I find insane. I have a board in my office and I can't fit any more invitations on it. I'm really excited to be keeping busy and spending so much time with friends and family but I have a feeling its going to get a bit exhausting. Most important is planning Olive's party which is keeping me pretty busy. I've been pretty obsessed with all the details and making everything how I want it. I mean its a first birthday, pretty important stuff. I know she won't remember or care but I do want to make it special. My mom has been helping me with everything which has been amazing cause if anyone knows how to throw a party it's my mom. She is beyond organized which helps me and my scatter brain. I've already nailed down the dessert table and I will be making all the little treats which is really what I am looking forward to. The lunch will be REALLY yummy and I think pretty fun and of course there will be a photo booth cause with photographer parents it's kinda a give in. I always get so anxious planning parties cause I get so paranoid if people are having fun or not. Silly me.

Well Olive is awake and it's errand time.

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  1. I haven't read is so long so this is the first comment since like june but um she's gotten so big and beautiful like her mother. I'm glad she and you can roll like champ cause running on no sleep my friends are nutso like mood swings to the mizaxe. I'm glad she's swimming and face in water omg I still can't do that she is champ (Micheal Phelps in that pool)