Thursday, July 28, 2011


 I had no idea eating a pickle could be so cute but dammit it is. Olive seemed to enjoy her pickles at the deli last week so I gave her one today and she was quite pleased. Sierra was actually the real winner here since Olive would take off little bites of pickle and spit them out. We have been spending most of our afternoons in the backyard. She helps me water the plants which means she splashes in the puddles and gets completely dirty. She finds every single dead leaf and tears them apart. She even picks out weeds. Score! She is really into pointing these days which is pretty cute and she is non stop waving wherever we go. It's like she can't let someone walk past without waving. I like seeing peoples face light up. Babies and puppies make people happy. Oh and she said ball tonight like it was no big deal. Her walking is getting better and she takes about 2-3 steps on average and the most I've seen is 4. She looks drunk.

My mom just left today after being in town for a few days. It always takes me a day to readjust to not having all that help once she is gone. While my mom was here I finally caught up on dr appointments that I've been meaning to go to for the last few years. That and we got a ton of party planning done for Olive's big birthday bash. I decided on an owl theme. I know super uber hot right now but whatever its cute and etsy is exploding with owl shit so it's pretty easy. I've already ordered a shit ton of little decoration things here and there but I feel like I still have a bit to do. I did a little cake pop baking test tonight and it was pretty much an epic fail. I was actually testing out a color for a bridal shower that I'm throwing but testing a recipe for Olive's birthday. I have way too much party planning going on. Either way I need a new recipe and some decorating skills.

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