Wednesday, July 13, 2011


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I am waiting for the sun to go down so I don't feel like a complete loser going to bed so early but holy shit I'm tired. I met up with some friends at Sea World today. This was my first all day adventure at a theme park with a baby and I have to say I think I did pretty good. I checked the weather and it was supposed to be a high of 72 which actually meant it was like 92. F You weather channel, you lie. Besides being quite warm it was such a fun day. Olive was on her best behavior and we got through the day meltdown free. I wasn't sure how Olive would do with the shows since sitting for a long time isn't really her thing. We only ended up seeing the Shamu show and the Elmo show and then spent the rest of the day walking through the aquariums.

As soon as we sat down at the shamu show Olive passed out in my ergo which was perfect timing as I didn't think she would be happy sitting through that show awake. The show was kinda lame. It used to be much cooler when the trainers went in the water with the whales. Or maybe I was 5 and everything was cool I duno. Ya I know Shamu ate his trainer and all which is a total bummer but out of how many years this only happened once?? I mean seriously, what are the chances it would happen again? The kids were thrilled so that is really what is important.

Olive loved the aquariums and especially loved the turtles cause I let her push her face up against the glass. I love watching her follow the animals and look around at things with big huge eyeballs. It's pretty darn cute. Our last stop was the Elmo show which is 3-D movie type deal. I nursed Olive for half the show which worked out pretty well since it was dark and cool. She was semi interested in the movie and would stand on my lap and watch a few min then get antsy and jump up and down but for the most part she was pretty happy. My mom got me a season pass so I'm pretty sure there will be lots of trips in our future.

Photo from the ergo looks creepy.

Nola and Julia checking out the Polar Bears.

Mooooooooooooommmmmm don't  use a flash it makes me look creepy!

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