Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day

Blake took Olive down to the beach this morning so he could surf so I'm home alone. Always feels weird not to have Olive around even if it's just for a few hours. We're going to a bbq later today so I was able to get a pasta salad all prepared and get a bunch of dishes and laundry done. I know so exciting but much easier without a child in one hand. I'm trying to think of what I need to do while I have the time but I'm feeling kinda lazy. I should crawl back into bed but I drank way too much coffee. We had a long night with Olive last night. Remember how I said she was sleeping through the night for like 2 or 3 weeks well that stopped. So so so so so bummed it was way too good to be true. She has slowly not been putting herself back to sleep at 5am and also the last two nights she has been waking up at 2am and not going back to sleep without help. The other night I went in there and fed her at 2am which was probably bad on my part since we've kinda stopped the night feedings but I knew it would put her back to sleep and I was tired. Lazy parenting, I know. Last night Blake went in there around 2am and put her back to sleep with a back rub but then she was up again at 3am. Blake put her back down again and then she was up at 5am. I fed her since I feel like after 5 it's kinda fair game to want to eat. She went back to sleep till 7 which was great but I just can't figure out what is going on. She was really pissy the entire day yesterday so I'm guessing there is a new tooth coming in or maybe a growth spurt cause something was off. Hoping she will be happy today for the bbq which I'm sure she will since she will be around people.

We've had a pretty fun weekend so far, nothing too fancy. On Saturday we joined Evan and Aimee for a civil war reenactment in Huntington Beach. Not really my thing at all. I'm usually up for anything but this, not so much. People watching was really cool but the war reenactment was silly. It was crazy loud which annoyed me. Olive was super into it of course. Her little head was going back and forth watching all the guns and people running but I decided that we should probably walk away cause the guns and cannons were really loud. That and the person next to me was talking shit about bringing a kid to a reenactment cause the noise. I mean if you're gonna judge my parenting either say it to my face or whisper so I can't hear you. I didn't say anything when her husband said "the British are coming, the British are coming." Wrong war shithead.  There were tons of kids surrounding us and even a mom breastfeeding in front of us so I wasn't the only one. I gave the girl a dirty look and decided to leave before I got angry. We wandered around with Aimee and her friend till Blake and Evan decided they had enough. It was a beautiful day and I'm always happy to hang with Evan and Aimee but I don't see anymore reenactments in my future. Plus I was in a shit mood cause Fuck Ya Fest was happening in LA and I really wanted to go see Descendents play. I secretly wished Blake bought tickets and was going to surprise me. Not his fault I should of just got the tickets and asked a friend to go. Next time. The rest of the day was spent at home building Olive's castle slide thing which was her birthday present from my parents.

Yesterday we spent the day at home, catching up on random stuff and a whole lot of playing on the castle. She crawls up the slide, walks to this little wheel thing and spins it a few times, then sits down and goes down the slide. She loves it. She has no fear at all which scares me but she is having so much fun. I want to put her pool under it and put water on the slide. Bad idea? We also went for a walk around the block. Olive is all walker now and she wants to do everything on her own. She didn't really want to hold our hands on the walk, just wanted to do her own thing. She walks with her hands up which cracks me up.

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