Friday, September 2, 2011


The last few days have been filled with birthday shopping. Just gathering up the last little odds and ends for Olive's party with the help of my mom. Doing a million errands with the help of a Grandma is so much better. We were able to get pretty much everything done. Next week will be lots of baking which I'm excited about and of course setting it all up. That's my favorite part! I've been crafting the last few nights. Just little silly things for the party. I'm enjoying all the little fun things. I know she won't care but it's still fun. I love an excuse for a good party.

Looking forward to the holiday weekend. We have some fun things planned everyday except sunday where I'm hoping we can do house things and be kinda mellow. My mom got Olive her birthday present which has to be set up by my very manly husband. More on that once it's built.

On a kinda random note I think Olive is slowly starting to slow down with breastfeeding. I've noticed the last couple of days her lack of interest. I mean she still asks for milk a few times a day but it seems to be less and less. I'm a little sad. I thought I would kinda be done at a year but I don't know anymore. It's such a part of my day and I do love the snuggles and the few minutes of downtime since she is go go go all the time now. I'm not going to think too much into it but I'm definitely sensing some changes in her. My baby isn't a baby anymore.

Oh and I've kinda created a monster. We've slowly showed Olive Yo Gabba Gabba. She used to watch it but it wasn't really a big deal but now she asks for it. Not with words but she will grab my phone grunt and dance. If I ignore her she makes it very clear what she wants. There are a few songs that she is obsessed with and her most favorite is hold still. It's like crack for babies. She does this little head shake dance move to it. I need to get it on video cause it's amazing. I'll be honest I'm a little sick of the song but it sure makes her happy. When I put the actual show on she isn't super into it for too long. The intro is her favorite part. She can sit through about half an episode so about 10 min. I tried to put on Sesame Street the other day from 1969 and she was pretty into it but probably cause it was something different. The only reason I let her watch the yo gabba gabba videos on my phone is to prepare her for the plane ride to ny in a few weeks. My child has never just sat on my lap for more than a few min so I'm trying to figure out what I can do with her to keep her busy. She isn't a mellow child at all and wants to constantly be on the go so I'm getting a little worried. Any suggestions when flying with a wild child?

Tonight we went to the street fair in Orange. It was super fun. I didn't think it would be that exciting but it really was. I love people watching and this was pretty amazing. Plus the food was delicious. We started the night at Blake's Uncle's house who lives in Orange. The house was built in 1920 and it is adorable! It totally made me want to move to Orange but Blake didn't seem to like that idea. You know cause Santa Ana is just sooooo awesome, bla. I drank a big ol long island iced tea which was a good and a bad idea all at the same time. Not drinking for the last 2 years has made me a light weight so the drink made me feel pretty tipsy. Our next stop was a bbq place where Blake's family wanted to stop in a see a friend who worked there. Blue Moon was on tap. I did not need it but how can I say no to a cold beer on a hot night? We wandered around and ate yummy food and one more beer. I ate and drank way too much but it was a really fun night. Olive stayed up a little late but happily went right to sleep when we got home. Maybe she will sleep in. I'm thinking about going to sleep soon. Blake has been sleeping since before 9:30 so I'm enjoying the quiet house. A little pissed he went to sleep but this is a kinda a normal thing for him. He surfed all week in the morning so he is tired. I'll save my sarcastic remarks and just enjoy my quiet time.

Random photos my mom took.

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