Monday, September 19, 2011

Penis Cookies

 I don't care how old I am penis cookies are funny. I don't attend a bachelorette party without them. Plus after a night of drinking there is really nothing better than a big cookie. This weekend was Julie's bachelorette party in Palm Springs and my first overnight away from Olive. Luckily I was sharing a room with my two good friends who also have kids and who are also currently breastfeeding. Three pumps going at the same time is pretty funny. We all planned it so we arrived early. I think we were down at the pool by 10 and before we even sat down Alison and I had a bloody mary in our hands. It didn't take us long to relax and enjoy the sun and pool. The other ladies and the bride to be arrived and it was quite the little pool party.  We spent the entire day doing nothing but drinking, snacking, and going back and forth from the chairs to the pool. I could have done about 3 more days of this!

After the pool we had dinner at this uber fancy Italian restaurant and then planned on going out to a bar. Dinner was expensive and disappointing. The actual meal was just kinda bla but we did have an entire closed off room to ourselves which was pretty special. And with 18 loud girls it was pretty great. The "bar" was supposed to be a lounge or at least that was how my friend remembered it the last time. When we walked in it was a full on club. Going to a club in my 30's is not really my thing but it turned out to be pretty fun, mostly people watching. They were showing music videos with the songs so I was totally entertained. It was all rap, hip hop, and booty shaking music which is so out of my element but it was hysterical to see all the videos. Ok I did hear that New York Jay-Z/Rihanna song and start tearing up. They used to play it in my kick boxing class in Brooklyn so it totally grew on me and now when I hear I totally go back to that place. It was getting close to midnight and Natalie, Alison, and myself were about to turn into pumpkins (aka our boobs were going to explode) so we headed back to the room. We had intentions on coming back I swear. We got to the room and we all pumped. No one was moving towards the door to go back out so I looked at the clock and saw it was after 12 and we all agreed that we were pretty bad ass for making it this late and that we deserved bed! Sadly I slept like shit. I had all these plans to sleep in but we all woke up around 7. No matter what you have that mom clock that kinda never leaves you.

When we woke up we all checked in with the husbands and kids and everyone had a good night without momma so we decided that we are going to do more overnight trips since the kids were all so well behaved and so easy to take care of with the husbands!!! I swear Olive puts on a totally different side when she is with Blake. She fell asleep in a stroller with him. Olive hasn't done that since she was a itty bitty baby. Natalie and Alison all had similar stories of things the kids did that they never do with us. Being a stay at home mom is the hardest thing I've ever done but something tells me the husbands think it's a cakewalk. Especially since they all immediately went to their parents house as soon as we left. Totally cheating! I would do anything to have them walk in our shoes for a week. I'm just glad Olive behaved and took her breastmilk mixed with the whole milk like a champ. I was super worried about her spitting it out but she was totally fine. Oh and she fell asleep in Blake's arms when she was going to bed. Are you kidding me??? Of course I missed her like crazy but it was nice to get away and  have some girl time.

I have no idea why I look 6 months pregnant here. I need me some spandex!

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  1. it!

    one year, months before peppy's birthday, i asked him what kind of cake he wanted. he replied with 'a german chocolate penis cake.' he forgot all about it, but on his birthday i made him an ENORMOUS german chocolate cake in the shape of a penis, complete with piercing on the tip.