Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I keep forgetting that it's tuesday which really doesn't matter but it's kinda throwing me off. We had a really good night of sleep last night. Olive slept till 5 then I went in and fed her and she slept till after 7:30. Score! She is so much happier when she sleeps this long which makes the mornings lots of fun and much easier. I can cook breakfast and she happily destroys the kitchen or plays with her toys. Really need to work on sleeping cause it makes such a big difference. We took a quick trip to the farmers market this morning and got a few goodies for the week. I've been obsessed with japanese eggplants lately so I bought a ton of them to bake up this week. My mom is on her way down so I'm sure we'll do something fun this afternoon. She is going to help me with Olive while I bake this week and we prep for the party. My mom is overly organized and I mean that in the best way possible so she totally keeps me in check and makes sure I've got everything in order. I'm getting so excited for the party this weekend and to see a lot of my friends.

I wish I had more photos but we had a wonderful labor day birthday party/bbq at Tamar and Rob's house. The weather was bizarre and it totally felt like Hawaii out but it made for the perfect pool party weather. I didn't swim since I didn't think everyone needed to see my mom body but Blake and Olive did. There was another baby at the party that was a few days younger than Olive. She was ridiculously adorable and I swear they were like the same baby, totally similar personalities which was crazy. They were both doing the drunk zombie walk and their only mission for the day was to climb the stairs. It was hysterical. The funny thing is they had no real interest in each other at all. They poked at each other a few times but that was about it. Oh and they were the same size. Everyone always tells me Olive is so tiny so it was nice to meet another little one the same size. Of course they live in LA. Boooo. The party was fun and I didn't want to leave but Olive was nonstop running around and we figured it was probably good to leave while she was still happy.

I stole a few photos from Tamar.

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