Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Photo dump and super random updates

Another major photo dump of the last week or so.

This week is flying by which is good and bad. I'm going to Palm Springs this weekend for a bachelorette party and I'm beyond excited to have some girl time but super worried about Olive having enough milk. I haven't been able to pump all week. It's impossible with her running around. The only real time I have is at her nap but I can't pump then cause she eats as soon as she wakes up so I would leave her with very little milk if I were to pump. I called my dr and asked if Blake could give her cows milk in place of one feeding (if he ran out of milk) and she said it was ok but wasn't super excited till she is officially a year next week. This week I've been giving her cows milk here and there and she isn't super into it. She takes a few sips but I don't think she really cares for it. She didn't spit it out but she didn't gulp it down. I'm in no way trying to ween her yet but I want her to be able to drink cow's milk if she has to.

Anyways the reason I can't pump when she is awake is cause she is seriously like a tornado, I feel like my entire day is just chasing her around and getting her out of everything. She is wild! She does stop to read books but otherwise she is all over the place. Don't get me wrong, its fun but exhausting. Our house is pretty baby safe but there are a few things I'd prefer her not to get into. My magazines are one of them. I don't care if she tears them to shreds but she likes to eat them which then turns into slobbery bits of magazine that she hands to me. She doesn't actually swallow them (I don't think), just tastes them. Then the other danger zone is Sierra's water and food bowl. She insists on picking up her bowl and dropping it so water/food goes everywhere. Then there is the screen door. She seriously stands there and punches at it. Nothing can really hurt her but she definitely requires a watchful eye at all times. She is really into climbing everything including all her toys and furniture. It seems like the last few weeks she has changed even more. When I talk to her I feel like she understands so many things which blows my mind. Except when I tell her not to do something. I've tried hard not to say no and explain to her but lately I feel like NO has been my favorite word. You know what she does when I tell her not to do something?? Laughs! I make a super serious face and I've tried so many different ways and she laughs every time. Anyone have this problem? 

On a cute note my mom taught her to put one finger up when you ask how old she is. It's pretty adorable. She also moo's like a cow when you ask her what a cow says. We're working on other animals but that one seemed to stick. Robin also taught her to wipe her hands, specifically when we are at the beach. But she is catching on after she eats when I tell her we need to wash her hands, she totally starts wiping her hands together. She is starting to repeat words when I say them, not exactly how I say them but she is really trying hard to repeat things. Also when I make noises or funny faces she really watches me and takes it all in and she is usually pretty good about copying the noise or face. Amazes me.
I didn't mean to blab about random stuff, gotta save the rest for her one year update!

Cake Batter Rice Krispie Treats

Freddy still scares me but not Olive. 

Funfetti Cupcakes

So many eggs

Funfetti Cupcakes

Hailing an hour before Olive's party

Mini Converse

Kat got me and Olive a sling!!

Morning Walk

Morning Walk


Birthday Wagon


Poking her babies eyes out

Birthday Castle

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