Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Monday's can be hard to get motivated so I decided that we would go to the zoo. This was the first time there with Olive walking so I decided to ditch the stroller and just walk the whole thing since it's super small. She was very happy with this.  She loved the animals and was way more interested in watching then this time around. There was a baby monkey in one of the cages and he was having the best time running around and swinging from everything and chasing all his other friends around. Olive thought this was the coolest thing ever and kept screaming and pointing. She would stop at any of the waterfalls or places with water and point and say something. She is water obsessed. She nearly lost it when I wouldn't let her swim in one of the little pond things. It was a fun time and a good way to start the day.

She figured out how to open the pantry and the box of Cheerios.

Morning walk. Sierra leading the way.

Today we ran a ton of errands to run to get ready for the week and our upcoming trips. So much coming up and I'm starting to feel a little overwhelmed. On friday Olive turns one and we are also heading up to Sacramento for Marisa and Jacks wedding till sunday. I will get to spend the day with Olive on her birthday and I think our flight is late enough where I can even put her to bed but I still feel bad. My mom will be here watching her so I know she will have the best time but I still have that mom guilt anytime I leave. It will be good for Blake and I to spend some time together and maybe even get a decent night of sleep!! Then tuesday we leave for NY. I'm starting to feel a little nervous about the flight with Olive. She has so much energy and I just don't know how I will be able to keep her on my lap for a few hours. The good and bad is we're taking Southwest which means it will take an entire day to get to NY cause we have stops on the way. I'm thinking breaking up the flights and being able to get out of the plane might be good for her. I dunno I guess we'll see. Trying to figure out what I need and don't need and so far I feel like I'm bringing everything and the kitchen sink. I've already come to terms that she will be completely off schedule for the week and not have any normalcy at all so hopefully that won't make her pissed off.  If anyone has travel tips please send them my way!!

 After errands we had a visit from Tamar for a few hours which was really nice. We didn't do anything but sit on the floor and play with Olive but it was really nice to actually catch up a bit. Olive was in a good mood and happy to play with Tamar. Around 5 she turned into a pretty pissed off little girl. She literally threw herself on the floor and had tantrum after tantrum. She kept putting her fingers in her mouth so I'm guessing she is in a lot of pain with her teeth. That and she is snotting like crazy. She had a cold 2 weeks ago so I have no idea what is going on. It made making dinner very interesting. I couldn't handle her screaming when I put her down so I just held her for an hour while I cooked and tried to calm her. Some nights I'm just not able to make dinner without Blake's help and other nights she is perfectly happy tearing open the drawers or playing with her toys. I know it was just a bad day but it sure is hard and makes me feel like I'm going insane. Tonight I decided that we are done with purees. She occasionally has one when I have leftover veggies or things that I want to mix that are hard to chew but most of her meals are whole veggies and chunks. The last few nights she only wants what is on my plate and that is the only thing she will eat. Last night I made this really yummy cous cous with tofu, tomato, onion, garlic, and a chicken stock. She seriously ate so much of it. Then tonight same thing. I made this super yummy puree and she wanted nothing to do with it. Wanted my pasta, veggies, and fake meat. Loved it. Makes it easier only cooking one dinner I guess. We just introduced chicken today and she isn't super into it. She spit most of it out at lunch and then tonight wouldn't eat the puree with it so might hold off on trying it again unless it's in my meal since she didn't really take to it.

That is about it.......

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