Tuesday, October 25, 2011


We're having a lazy night on the couch watching a pretty good documentary on Bill Cunningham.  He's a fashion/snapshot photographer in NYC. I've been so out of the photo loop so it's cool to see stuff like this and get happy about photography. It's so weird not to really be a photographer anymore. I mean I am, I always will be but it's been a few months since I had my last job and I'm a bit sad, mostly I would like the money and the feeling of working but we'll see if something comes up. At this point I have no time whatsoever to try and get work, not with a teething little one that thinks sleep is lame. In time, in time. BUT I did get a nice little check from my stock company that I'm quite excited about so after I pay a big chunk to my credit cards I'm hoping I will have a bit leftover to get a tattoo. Just need to find the right person to do it. All my other tattoos were done in NY so I need to figure out who I want to do it in the OC. Excited to do something for me!!!

We had a pretty good day in these parts, nothing too eventful. After Olive's super short morning nap I decided we should head to the OC Zoo. It's a much smaller zoo than the Santa Ana Zoo but I thought we needed a little change in animals since we're always at the Santa Ana Zoo. Since we were there when it opened it was super quiet so we did a few laps, pet some goats, and then kicked some leaves around. On the way home Olive fell asleep for an hour, slept through lunch and totally got the day all wacky schedule wise. Since we didn't  have to be anywhere it wasn't that big of a deal except it didn't give me much of a break but I survived. We were having a good ol time playing outside, drawing with chalk and Olive had a nasty fall. Since she started walking she has fallen MANY times but never actually hurt herself till today. She was walking with chalk in her hand and she tripped and fell flat on her face. I immediately grabbed her and I didn't see any cuts so I just held her while she screamed her lungs out. After a few seconds I looked at her face and she had blood running down her nose on both sides. I almost lost my mind. Babies and blood are not cool at all. I was able to calm her down and get the bleeding to stop and besides a bit of red under her eye she is good to go. Such a champ.

My mom bought her a snowsuit. She is gearing her up for the winter in Mammoth.

And this jacket too.
 Excuse the crappy snappies. I need to go back to all the leaves with a real camera and not my iphone cause it's quite beautiful.

Red eye and Nate Burkus show in the background. Don't judge, it's good.


  1. poor olive! I'm glad she wasn't too hurt.

  2. poor thing!!! isn't it scary in that moment when you only see blood???? believe me, both of my kids are super accident prone (they totally get it from me). i have about 25 heart attacks a week. glad she is okay!!!!

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  4. I live in Santa Ana so not too from Oceanside. Funny I used to live in Carlsbad. I'll check him out, thanks!!!