Monday, October 10, 2011

The other F word

Thanks to some cool mom (and dad) bloggers (Sometimes Sweet, The Hipster Dad, and diycupcake) I found the trailer to this movie. I am seriously counting the days till this comes out. Obvoiusly these dudes are living more of the punk rock lifestyle but I think Blake and I can relate to a lot of it as we've chosen to raise Olive in a certain way while still maintaining who we are. We listen to punk rock, go to hardcore shows, have tattoos and piercings, and Blake has always played in metal and punk rock bands. Its a much smaller level but its who we are and we really don't know any different. Until Olive gets older she will think all dads have big elephant tattoos on their chest and metal hanging out of their nose. She might be confused when she meets other moms without an arm full of tattoos. So so excited!

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