Saturday, October 8, 2011

New York again

Random Instagram and iphone photos.........
Sleeping on the plane.

I sent this photo to my friends on their honeymoon. I thought their couch looked pretty cute with a baby on it!

Blue Bottle Coffee. She was clearly pumped.

RIP vagina tree. Irene took you from us.

Watching subway performers.

Pumpkin time in Chelsea Market.

View from the highline.

The burg.

Mama and her fancy shoes!

Max Fish feeling all old and shit.



Punk Rock Olive eating pizza while crawling on the floor.

The book fair made her sleepy. PS We saw Gavin McGuinness. whoa hipster mom crush!

Long Island City

Pies n Thighs



Not amused by Olive street

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  1. love these snap shots and her adorable outfits. I wish I wasn't so scared to travel with this little one, my anxiety and fear of flying have skyrocketed since her birth :(