Thursday, October 20, 2011

lazy day

I sorta love thursday mornings when Olive is taking her nap. Since we go to swim as soon as she wakes up I don't take a shower or get dressed, I just throw on my bathing suits and comfy clothes and actually get stuff done while she naps. Usually her first nap is spent taking a shower and getting dressed and maybe a little computer time depending on her nap. I don't like to leave the house all gross feeling and it's rare that we actually stay home so that is just how I've made it work. I'm pretty quick at throwing on makeup and clothes and in a pinch I can do it with her at my feet but the mess that usually follows its just too much. The child can destroy a room in 5 min flat, looking like it's been robbed and destroyed. Blows my mind.
Anyways yesterday I had one of those days where I was feeling super lazy! We had a wonderful morning with our friends Jessica and Amelie where we went to storytime at the library and then we met up with Blake and Ross for lunch. But as soon as I got home I didn't want to do anything which always makes me guilty cause Olive is so busy but I seriously couldn't even bring myself to go for a walk so we layed on the floor and watched Ellen and went outside and had snacks and played in puddles. It was nice but even that was hard to do. Ever have those days where you just want to lay there and stare at the ceiling and do NOTHING?? The weather has been getting cooler which is awesome and it's making me itch for a Mammoth trip. I am totally ready for some sweaters and boots!

A few photos from the iphone.

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