Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday woop woop

Hello Friday night! Blake and I had a wild night eating frozen yogurt and watching Carrie.  I love when Halloween movies are on although I'm a total wuss and cover my eyes during most of them. I like the cheesy ones like Sleepaway Camp. Please tell me someone has seen that movie??

So today I took Olive to a mommy and me class at the little gym which is this place that has classes for little ones, I think its a pretty big chain. It's basically a whole lotta singing and dancing and then climbing all over stuff. I've been really wanting to add something else into our week to socialize for both of us. I love our swim class so much but I feel like we need something else now that she is older and super social. We have playdates but they aren't consistent so I think this will be fun since there are a ton of kids. Olive was pretty quick to catch on and join in with all the activities for the most part. There were a few times she wandered off and just wanted to climb on the pads while the other kids happily sat in a circle but whatever, shes independent. She learned how to do a little tumble with my help and loves it! She was excited to clap and dance to the music and loved watching all the other kids. She is beyond social. She loves adults. She would walk up to random people and just starting smiling and trying to get their attention. She followed a few kids around but for the most part she had so much fun walking along the pads and crawling through tunnels and random goodies they had. It was a tab bit overwhelming, tons of new songs and moves and newness but I think it's good for both of us. I don't know if I'll be making any mom friends as I was a gross sweaty mess. My dumbass wore a grey shirt and it was super hot and I was all nervous cause I had to flip olive in front of everyone. (attention makes me sweaty) and I had some serious pit stains so I'm sure everyone thinks I'm the gross sweaty mom now. Awesome huh?
After the class we did a quick Ikea run. When I say quick I mean Olive wanted nothing to do with the place so I didn't get done everything I needed. She has this newish scream where just flips the fuck out when she isn't happy. If you are carrying her or trying to pick her up she arches her back and makes the most awful noise. You know the kind where people stare and wonder what kind of mother you are.Ya that one. So we left with 4 picture frames that I managed to grab real quick. I've been wanting to blow up some photos from Olive's birthday but I've been kinda lagging. The rest of the day was spent hanging at the house and in the backyard. Olive went swimming in a puddle and we went up and down the slide a billion times till Blake came home. Getting excited for the weekend. Just as I thought it was going to be mellow we have a birthday party tomorrow and then Sunday we're going to the pumpkin patch and then going to celebrate Octoberfest with some friends and watch dog races!

Every afternoon around 4 ish we watch an episode of Yo Gabba Gabba for some quiet time.

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