Friday, October 7, 2011

Olive in the big city

We survived our first family "vacation" in New York. Well more specifically Brooklyn since that is where we spent most of our time. Of course I have a million photos to post so prepare for the next few days of a lot of Olive and a lot of Brooklyn. We had the most wonderful time but it in all honestly I've never been so tired in my entire life. Traveling with a toddler is not exactly relaxing. Olive was a trooper for the most part except for the occasional meltdown during mealtime and the confused time zone which led to co sleeping and 5am wakeups. But at least there is good coffee out there so we took advantage of that a few times a day.
The flight was not as stressful as I expected. Don't get me wrong it wasn't easy but as long as we were constantly entertaining her she was pretty good. She screamed a few times but whatever. The first flight I was able to nurse her to sleep as soon as we took off. We weren't even off the ground and she was passed out. We were able to score a row so we just set her down on the extra seat and she slept for about an hour. Once she was awake she was pretty entertained by her snacks and toys and crawling back and forth from the floor to the seat. People told me to bring a ton of snacks and they were so right. I probably had about 10 different choices and put them in different containers so it would be entertaining for her to eat. We were only limited to a small backpack with toys but a few of her favorite books and a few toys did the trick. We had a crazy delayed layover in Chicago for almost 5 hours which was brutal. After a few hours we knew everyone in the airport. Thank goodness for those people mover things cause that was a source of entertainment for hours. We didn't get to our friends apartment till after 2am which made for a rough night of sleep. Olive was wired and the only way to get her to sleep was to put  her in bed with us. I was paranoid to let her scream even a little since I didn't want the neighbors hearing her and reporting back to our friends that we were shitty house guests.
Once we got settled it all worked out. Our friends apartment was more than enough space and super comfortable for us and we had the best time seeing our friends. It was so fun to introduce Olive to a few of the friends that haven't met her yet and for others to see her again. We were non stop most of the days meeting people for lunch and dinner all over. Olive napped in the stroller or ergo like a champ. We only adventured into the city one day to visit both of our old bosses and eat some epic ramen. The rest of the time was spent in Brooklyn. I felt so happy there and it still feels like home. Of course I thought about what it would have been like if we never left and it would have been great but I also love being here in California with my family and lots of space. Blake and I joked about moving back and who knows, one day it could work out but for now I think it's ok to have it was a wonderful place to visit where we have some amazing friends. I do have to say that being back there I felt inspired and happy which is totally cliche and stupid but true. There is something about being there that just feels good. So I'm hoping I can just hold on to that feeling.
Now for the important stuff, photos!!!

The park in Greenpoint that was 2 blocks from our friends house.


We used to get drunk together now we take turns pushing Olive down the slide.

When you tell Olive to "just chill" she puts her hands behind her head. It's sorta the best thing ever.

Steve and Ashley

The highline

Sorry Blake, Olive looked cute.

Lobster Joint dinner. After she finished eating she danced outside with a little boy named Teddy. It was pretty amazing.

Night out with Ashley. I made it to 2am!

Lunch at Ippudo

Occupy Wall Street- Olive's first protest

Such a tourist looking up at the buildings.


Carolyn- The reason we were in NY- her wedding

Carolyn and Matt

Baby at the bar

Jack and Brendan

Jack, Brendan, and Jess




Jacques bakes bread for a fancy restaurant that I can't afford or pronounce but we got leftovers.

Meredith and a really wiggly baby

She refused to sit still during this brunch.


Olive will sit happily during a meal if there is a stack of napkins involved.

She smiles when you say cheese now.

Sleeping Olive at Lights Festival.


Matt and Carolyn's Wedding

Pretty bride

Pretty Bridesmaid Gloria

Alexa and Carolyn

The bling

Olive escaping Chad


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  1. Looks like fun! Olive has some awesome outfits.