Monday, October 24, 2011

more squash

I think I'm Butternut squash obsessed. I bought another one today and I'm attempting lasagna with it. I found this yummy looking recipe so I'm starting the roasting part while Olive takes her nap to avoid taking up too much time at dinner due to her recent craziness during dinner making. The sun finally came out but honestly I was loving the gloomy cool weather this morning. I put a big cozy sweater on and boots and I was quite happy. We ran to the market this morning and then played the rest of the afternoon. It's been a slow but nice monday.

I'm sipping on tea hoping it will give me a little bit of energy as I didn't sleep at all last night. Olive was up on and off all night teething like crazy. She just kept crying the saddest little cry. I thought only two teeth were coming in but it looks like there may be more than that. Poor thing is so so upset. There was no way I could get teething gel in there last night so I attempted a cold washcloth which she was not happy about either. I ended up nursing her which calmed her down a lot and then she took one of those frozen teething rings which seemed to make her happy and allow for a few hours of sleep. I've been meaning to mix up some more clove oil which was really helpful with some of her first teeth. She is going to be able to eat anything after all these teeth come in, she almost has a mouthful already.

Here are some photos from the weekend. It was pretty quiet around here and we didn't do much. Saturday was spent running errands and going to our favorite coffee place. Sunday we went down to the beach so Blake could surf with some friends visiting from New York. It was freezing and totally felt like the start of fall/ We came home and went on a walk around the hood and watched a movie. Hoping the week is busy with fun stuff and I don't have another super emo rant.

Showing her you can like Avail and Barry.

Pulled pork grilled cheese. Yes this was my breakfast and no I do not feel guilty.

Happiness is in this cup.

Peanut Butter cookies with kisses.

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