Monday, January 30, 2012

sick mama sick baby

Well Blake's cold finally got to us. Major boo! Olive and I both woke up Saturday with stuffy noses. While I wanted to curl up and die she never slowed down. Besides some snot and red eyes it was hard to tell she sick. Luckily the weather was beautiful and we were able to hang outside pretty much the whole day. So we made the best of it. Blake was home which made it easier. He got some house stuff done and we watched a ton of movies so it wasn't a major loss. We had planned to go to knott's with our new season passes but we'll have to wait till next weekend. We are staying home today and trying to get better. Well I am, Olive is unaffected by the sick and hopefully tomorrow all the snot will be gone and we will be ok to leave the house. I don't want to infect anyone with our sick so we'll keep inside as long as we need to. I've been able to take advil cold and sinus which has been a lifesaver especially with today since Blake had to go to work. I'm really weird about taking medicine cause everything makes me feel loopy but this works and I can semi manage which is lovely.

Before we had the sick we went to the beach Friday with some friends and it was another beautiful January day. It was hard to keep Olive away from the water which got a little annoying but luckily Blake was able to get off work early and help wrangle her. She played with her friends and I got some mom time so it was pretty nice.

Also in random news I'm 99% sure Olive said "I wuv you." My mom has been trying to get her to say it every time she visits and she repeats it over and over. Olive studies her like she just knows but nothing ever comes out of her mouth, till today. I was putting her down for a nap and I said I love you a few times and I swear she said it back. I told her to repeat it but of course she didn't. Some days she talks so much and others nothing really at all. She has learned to shake her head yes and say "ya" which has been really helpful since she is so damn opinionated now. Even in the last few days I've watched her repeat more words and really watch me when I talk. Lots of Olive at 16 months news to catch up on but I'll save that for another post when my head isn't all stuffy.


I have a feeling this will be a very naked summer.


Lentil burger, yogurt dill sauce, pita, and grapes deconstructed by Olive's hand.


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  1. I hope you guys feel better! The pics of her with her friends at the beach are perfect