Friday, June 25, 2010

my registry

You would think clicking "add to registry" is super fun and easy but making this baby registry has taken me months. I started on babies r us and target about a week before we found out the sex of the baby. I wanted to wait to starting adding things cause a lot of the stuff is pretty gender specific. Also when I looked at babies r us I would almost start crying cause I didn't know what anything was or did. There were bouncers, swings, swaddles and like a million other things. And not just one but like 20 choices for each thing I had never heard of. I didn't know a bottle could cause colic. Shit I didn't even know what colic was. I feel much better months later after asking everyone I know that has had a baby what they use and like. My mommy friends have been more then generous sending me links, websites, and brands they love. I honestly can't imagine doing this without them. I still panic a bit on the registry but I'm definitely having more fun with it now. Obviously every baby and person is going to have a different opinion but there were a few things that everyone had a similar take on.

So currently I'm registered at babies r us, target, and land of nod. It kinda feels like a lot of places right? My super smart friend Kristin found me this site.
Its one registry but you can add things from anywhere, any store, anything. I was complaining to Kristin that I liked a lot of these other little random stores and wanted to add stuff to my registry but didn't want to register at 20 different places. For example I found this site giggles that has the cutest outfits (I know I know I shouldn't be registering for clothes but I want people to see what I like) There are other things, the diaper bag that I love is only at so this site allows me to add it.
The site is seriously awesome but my only worry is that people have to sign in to this site (in order for it to show that things were bought) Does that make sense? That way it tracks if you actually bought an item (even if you wanted to buy it somewhere else) I just searched my registry and pretended to go shopping on it. My only complaint is it will be annoying for the people that actually like to go to the store and print out a registry there and shop. Should I worry about that? Don't most people buy online anyways?
If anyone wants to check it out you can search for my registry and pretend to shop and see if its super annoying. I just added a few random items I want to test out for now.

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  1. Omg I love - I just signed up with them last week and so far so good. It's just really addicting. One night I went on just to browse around and spent 3 hours editing adding gifts. I was having fun until I realized it was 3 am and hubby was like what were you doing? lol!!! By the way, I think you can link up your target and land of nod registries so that anyone coming to your registry can buy in store or offline and it gets taken off the registry as having been bought already. Not quite sure but I saw them listed the sync registry tab on my private home page.

    p.s. you should try their barcode scanner. you can scan from target and any other stores (but we are just doing target).