Wednesday, June 30, 2010


So I finally tried out prenatal yoga and I actually liked it. It was a tiny bit of yoga, mostly talking and relaxing. I searched on Yelp and found a few places in the area but I was drawn to Soul at Home (ok maybe cause they offer massages too) Plus its right down the street from me. The first class was complementary which was great cause scraping up $15 is actually hard to do these days when you have no income. I found my little spot in the back corner and just sat around and made small talk with the girl next to me. Its funny watching a bunch of preggers waddle in all together. So turns out the instructor is a midwife and not much older than me. The first part of the class was just introducing ourselves, giving our due date, where we are delivering, and something new that has happened that week. Turns out like 4 or so people in the class are delivering at Beach Cities. That made me soooo happy! So the class goes on and we do some yoga which was really basic stretches and actually felt quite good. The last part of the class we get to cuddle up with blankets and she put on the hypnobabies affirmation cd. I was so excited cause in a few weeks Blake and I will be taking our first hypnobabies courses so it was good to get a little peak at it. At the end of class she gave us a handout about the hidden risks of epidurals. Seriously I have no idea how I got so lucky to have found this class but it was right up my alley. Hope baby liked it!


  1. Oh I just love Hypnobabies. Check out for a collection of great Hypnobabies stories, all so unique with each birth.

  2. thanks! i will check that out for sure. i'm definitely in need of some good positive stories!