Monday, June 7, 2010

In n out, swimming pools and a sunburn

Yep officially back in California. At my parents house so I still just feel like we are here for a visit. The weekend was really nice and relaxing. Just spend time with the family by the pool, too the dos to the dog park, and ate yummy food. I even managed to get a sun burn in there. Pale NY skin does not gracefully turn tan. The baby seemed to like it. I was on the raft and she was kicking around like crazy. I'm wondering if she could sense the sun? I know they are sensitive to light so maybe? Today is monday and I feel like I should be somewhat productive but I don't think I can get back into my photo grove till all my stuff arrives. I have all my camera here that I would need for a job but I just feel like I'm not settled yet so I think I will wait a week or 2 to bug people about work. I think today we will start out on the crib search. I figure since I know nothing of cribs I should play around with a few and see what I like. Also I'm dying to buy some baby clothes. We found out if was a girl during the intense packing before we left NY so I never really had the time to buy anything. Not that I need anything right now but I just want to pick something out that I'm excited about. Blake and I did get her a t shirt when we were on the road that's pretty epic.

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  1. This looks AWESOME. I want a pool and a slurpee.