Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The messy room

I guess I should post some before photos of the babies room before I get in there and start working on it. My mom and I have been researching cribs and dressers for the last few months. I thought it would be much easier but there are sooooo many options out there that its hard to really nail down what I want. I found a set that I really like on Land of Nod but its really expensive so I'm trying to find something a little less expensive but still good quality. I'm sure I posted this before but this is so far my favorite.

These are also pretty cute but maybe too much going on.

There is a fine line with cribs. The cheap ones are usually made from crappy material. Thanks to my mom for pointing this out. I didn't even think about it but you really have to read what they are made of so you don't end up with a toxic crib made from formaldehyde. So many neat things.

Ok so here are photos of the room along with some cute things that were in the closet. Mostly gifts and some shopping that my mom and I did. I haven't shot photos of everything but here are a few. Excuse the tags on outfits, haven't had time to wash the clothes yet.

Only furniture that will stay is the bookshelf that I will paint. Most likely white??

Baby closet and bedding


from blakes old work, sorta boyish but damn cute!

From Liz and Katie

From Robins friends

From my mom

From Marisa

Just a few from shopping with mom

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