Monday, June 14, 2010

stuff my baby booked failed to tell me

1. After a few months don't wear a wire bra. Your nipples will get so painful and raw and the wire totally makes this worse.
2. When you sneeze you will pee yourself. Not like you need a diaper but sometimes it just happens.
3. The baby has the ability to kick your bladder. Technically speaking I don't actually know how accurate this is but it will make you pee like every 2 min.
4. You cannot see your vagina when you look down so grooming is very difficult.

I learn something new everyday. Baby is kicking like a crazy person and it gets more and more intense everyday. That doesn't even get old. I can sit and watch that all day. I wish I could see in there to see what she is doing. This week she is favoring my left side and I can see her body creeping up higher and higher.

Also I'm almost done reading my first of about 10 books. "Heading Home with your newborn"
It is a must read! Its written from 2 doctors who are moms and they are cute and quirky. A good book to start with just to get the basics down. I also watched the dvd "The happiest baby on the block." I have the book but actually watching the dvd was super helpful. It reminds me of Ceaser Milan but instead of dogs its babies. There are basically 5 S's to getting the baby to stop crying. A bunch of people told me that they swore by this method so I'm really excited to try it out. I better start practicing my swaddle!

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