Wednesday, June 23, 2010

stay back stretch marks

I was talking to my friend yesterday and she was asking me if I had stretch marks. Luckily I don't or at least not yet. I can't imagine them not showing up since my body is like expanding in all areas. Anyways I've been using two different types of creams just in case and in a few months I'll report back if they worked. I don't just use them on the belly either, it goes on the boobs and hips too. Both are a sticky mess and stay on for hours after they are applied so it definitely something you put on at night before bed.

Just finished my first book last night and started on "the no cry sleep solution."
I think it might be a little premature to be reading since I think you are supposed to start reading it if you have a baby that won't stop crying or won't go to bed without being fed. I dunno I figure I will skim through it now and hope I never have to refer to it again but the reviews for it have been great so I figure why not.

Blake and I are going on a walk this morning. We never do that. He has been reading in his dad book that I need to be in good shape so I have strength to deliver the baby. So I get a walk, like a dog. Just kidding its sweet of him. Since I left kickboxing in Brooklyn I've been kind of a lazy as far as working out goes. I bought some dvd's but they bore me. I'm going to try a prenatal yoga class as well but I'm more of a hyper work out person plus those classes get expensive. I'd re-join kickboxing out here but its just so late in the pregnancy and I'll be taking off a few months with the baby so I don't want to get into some contract and again too expensive. All these plans of being in awesome shape kinda went out the window but I promise this last trimester I'm going to do something to stay in shape.

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