Thursday, June 3, 2010

massage please

In the car heading to coalville Utah. Went through Yellowstone today which was amazing but as usual took longer than expected. But it was well worth. Saw a ton of critters and just had a good drive. Just had an amazing meal in Jackson hole at lotus cafe. I've literally had grilled cheese everyday with the exception of tacos last night. Middle America doesn't have much in the health food department. So a kale salad and tofu curry was very exciting. My back is killing me today. I'm trying not to whine but it really hurts. Luckily tomorrow is a shorter drive. Getting excited to be at my parents and getting some mom love. Blake takes care of me and treats me like a princess but mom love is like no other and since I'm starting to feel a little bla I'm gonna need it.
Getting anxious to see the house are moving into. I've never not seen a place so on pretty excited. Trying to figure out how we will have some time to paint before the movers get there. So much to do. Glad I will be busy for awhile to keep Maybe mind occupied. I haven't really gotten sad about leaving but I can feel it creeping up on me. I had an awful dream last night and I literally woke up in tears. I was with my best girl friends Marisa, Ashley, and Carolyn and they were trying to cheer me up about leaving but in my dream I was just so sad and felt so lonely. I know it was just a dream But it sucked. My friends in cali are just as amazing but everyone is spread all around. Ill miss all the easy meetups and hangouts but things will all work out. I'm lucky to have amazing people in my life and it will all work out. OK enough emo ranting. Random photos from today soon....

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