Thursday, June 17, 2010

Third Trimester Oh my

I can't believe I'm in my last trimester. I know I still have a ways to go but its coming up soon. My belly grows by the day and she kicks more and more everyday. Blake told me that now is the time she may be starting to turn her body so her head is down (ready to birth) I guess once she is like that she will most likely stay that way till she pops out. Wild. I can feel her mainly on my left side now but I'm not sure what body part it is. I thought I felt her head the other night or I guess it could be her butt but it was for sure one or the other.
Blake and I started our third trimester photo project a few days ago. Considering we are both photographers it took us a really long time to get on this but I guess its better late than never. He dusted off the 4x5 camera and has been shooting 2-4 sheets of film each night. The first 2 nights we had polaroids so it was pretty funny to see but we've run out and are just kinda winging it now. Its fun cause we're shooting in different places in the house. I was going to try and wear the same outfit the whole time but we've just been doing it with whatever I have on. It will be fun to make a little slideshow at end with all the photos. I'm sure one day our kid will just think we're weird.
Here are the two polaroids. Ya I look plump and not so pretty but I'm all about exposing it all no matter how gross it looks.

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