Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Father's Day (a day late)

Had a wonderful fathers day weekend and saw all the dads. On saturday we made a last minute trip to Agoura to see my family. It was super relaxing sitting by the pool and playing ping pong. We cooked up a little feast and enjoyed the day. Yesterday we went down to the beach in Newport to spend the day with the Sinclair family. Beach and BBQ! We ran into a friend down at the beach who has an 18 month year old and talked for a really long time. She gave me a ton of information. She is super natural so had a lot of good advice on books and stuff. There are still so many things that I just have no idea about that I feel like I have about 3 months to figure out. I'm glad I ran into her cause I'm totally going to need some mommy friends. She is kinda in the same spot where none of her friends have kids yet. I know a ton of people with kids but I don't hang out with them all the time so it will be nice to know people in OC with babies. All my friends are so spread out over California its nuts.
Anyways going on a rant as usual but the point of my post was to say Happy Fathers Day to my wonderful dad and amazing husband!

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