Thursday, June 10, 2010

Junk in my Trunk

Ya my ass has gotten big during the pregnancy. I've always had a booty but its pretty massive now. I love that my brother and cousin were quick to point this out. Gotta love family.
Still slowly moving into the house. Our moving truck isn't here yet but we've moved in stuff we had stored back here. Pregnancy and moving across the country are probably not the best combination. I'm stressed beyond belief but I think I'm handling it pretty well. I've stayed calm but its kinda one of those scary calms. Just trying not to think of anything too far ahead, each hour at a time. Not having work is making me feel a little crazy, mostly not having income. Of course staying between the parents house we aren't really spending that much money (except on gas) but its still stressful.
I've started missing my life in Brooklyn but I still don't totally feel like I live here yet. I think because of the comfort of being at parents houses. I dunno its just a strange feeling.
We had an appointment with our new midwife yesterday and that was wonderful. I really like her and feel comfortable with the birthing center. I'm glad I checked that off the list but there are still so many things to prepare for that have to be done now. The insurance is really tricky. Trying to use a midwife in California and having insurance cover it is nearly impossible. It makes absolutely no sense to me considering the cost of a pregnancy at a birthing center is way less than a hospital birth. Fucking criminals. So dealing with insurance and just hoping it all works out. We have a lot of bills from lab fees back in NY that we are probably going to be paying for a really long time. I guess its all expensive learning. There were a lot of tests that were offered to us to take and I don't know if all of them were necessary. I guess with the first baby since everything is so new and scary you just kinda do whatever you think and hope its the right thing.
So the big thing for today is deciding on a doula. I was kinda back and forth with using one or not but I think the first time around I want to be totally prepared and have all the support I can. The next step is deciding on what type of birthing method. The Bradley vs Hypnobabies. Yesterday I couldn't of told you anything about either of these but thanks to the good old internet I feel like I have a good idea. At least enough to make a decision. I think we are going to try the hypnobabies method. It seems to make sense to both of us. From what I can understand from it shows you how to get to a place where you are comfortable not just how to deal with the pain but more of a way to actually not have pain. Ok I know I won't be pain free but I want to be able to feel calm with what is happening to my body and feel in control. Yikes.......

A few photos.....

(don't worry its all cooked)

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