Wednesday, August 31, 2011


On monday we headed down to Sea World to meet up with some friends. We all met under the Shamu tank and got to see one of the whales swimming around. No matter how many times I see these critters it still blows me away. Olive just stares and points and then runs around like a crazy person. I have a full blown walker now and if I would try and hold her she would have a meltdown. Oh ya we've entered the age of tantrums too which are super fun. She just wants to go go go. She let me put her in the stroller while we walked through the park but once we stopped it was walking time. The last time we went to Sea World I was able to carry her in my ergo through the aquariums but now she wants to climb on everything. Crazy how fast things have changed. I've never been so exhausted in my life chasing her around. Lets hope this leads to some serious weight loss for me.
We attempted the Shamu show but it was around noon and the sun was beating down so we basically walked in and out. None of the kids are old enough to really care that much about the shows yet. Instead we found a nice shaddy area and ate lunch. It was actually the best part of the day cause we were out of the sun and we got to sit for bit. Olive mostly ran around not eating her food but wanting to try all the others kids food. I discovered she can eat whole edamame, loves cheese and crackers, and goldfish. I've been kinda lacking in the snack department for her cause I hate all those salty shit snacks but yesterday I broke down and bought a ton of the more natural versions of some of the snacks that she likes. Not the best choice but on the go it's much easier than trying to cut up fruit.
The day was fun and we got to see most of the aquariums. I think the shark one was her favorite and mine too. It's basically a tunnel and sharks surround you. It's pretty cool stuff. Around 3 she was getting super cranky and had meltdown after meltdown so we decided it was time to go. I don't think I was out of the Sea World parking lot before she was passed out. Good times!

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