Thursday, December 22, 2011

birthday boy

Happy Birthday to the husband!! He is big old 31 today. While he went off to work I whipped up some cupcakes and set up a little birthday table complete with an inflatable glowing light saber. Olive and I were those crazy people in target at 8am roaming around in our pjs. The rest of the day was spent playing with toys and destroying all her drawers. The wind was insane so we couldn't go outside so we were pretty bored. Blake got off pretty early from work and headed down to surf before he came back home. He brought two of his brothers back with him to hang out till we went to dinner. Olive was thrilled to have two uncles giving her endless amounts of attention. She is quite the little performer, pulling out all her tricks and cuteness for them. We enjoyed a lovely family dinner at crab cooker and now I'm dying from fullness on the couch. Blake is watching the movie Money Ball but I'm way too tired to follow it and I'm not really a fan of Brad Pitt. The festivities continue tomorrow with a family dinner with all the cousins. I'm going to need to detox after all these dinner! 
Pre haircut and a cute baby.

She is super into putting her socks on.

Haircut and a really cute baby.

Lefty soup eater.

Building xmas presents. He is thrilled.

Descendents xmas sweater and reindeer pjs.

Birthday table.

She still loves her walker which makes me think she is going to LOVE her shopping cart xmas present.

Brothers and Olive putting on Ross's shoes.

Helping dad blow out candles. She just learned how to blow on her food when it's hot so she was very helpful!

Just need to figure out how to wear this. Not the most flattering sweatshirt but so so amazing.

stay punk kids.

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