Tuesday, December 20, 2011

i have travels on my mind

Blake and I just watched "Midnight in Paris." While I hate Owen Wilson the movie was pretty cute and it made me want to go to Paris so bad. I have such a traveling bug it's not even funny. When I was younger I spent a month traveling around Europe after a semester in London for school. I only made it to the train station in Paris because there was a bomb scare and everyone was so incredibly rude that we just left and moved on to another place. Blake likes to joke with me about it as it's kinda that stereotypical girl thing to do, you know finding yourself or some shit like that but I didn't really see it as that. I just wanted to see the world and have experiences whatever they were. Thinking back to it I still can't believe how lucky I was to do that. I hope more than anything I can provide Olive with those kind of experiences. It was truly one of the most exciting times in my life. Sadly I feel like I haven't traveled like that in a long time. I mean of course in the last few years there were trips to Canada, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Tahiti, and across the United States three times but it's been a few years and for someone that likes to go go go it's for sure been a long time. I have the traveling bug and a long list of places I need to see. When I was growing up it was so important to my parents to take us on one vacation a year. The places were always different and random. Some years it was very minimal as finances didn't allow for anything fancy and some years were exotic. I think as I get older and have a child of my own I realize how important that experience is. Some of the places I remember more than others and some of my memories are tormenting my brother or coming up with stupid schemes with him but it was all part of the experience and adventure. Obviously Olive is too young to really travel or appreciate a vacation but as she gets older and hopefully our family gets larger we can do these things. I'm also not opposed to a getaway with Blake so I'm hoping there will be many in the future. As much as sitting on a beautiful beach sounds amazing a fun non stop adventure sounds good too. So, where do you want to go?

These are my top places that I want to travel to in order. There are others of course but these are places I think about going to all the time. 

1. Iceland
2.China (specifically Shanghai)
3. Japan, Thailand, and surrounding islands
4. Australia
5. France
6. Argentina

Photo from London. Me and Kristin. Nice saucony shoes indie rockers.

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