Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Wednesdays usually mean story time with Amelie and Jessica but Olive slept pretty late and I wasn't in the mood to rush her out of the house so we decided to get ready slowly and  head to the farmers market. We got our veggies then wandered through the streets of old town tustin. It was really quiet out as it always is there and we just wandered and look in the windows of all the antique stores. Sadly I am not a fan of antique shopping but if I was that is sure the place to hang out. I love me some vintage goodies but I don't like clutter so going in those stores is usually just stressful for me. It was more fun to look in the windows anyways. After I had enough I decided it would be fun to pop by the zoo for a lap before lunch. Olive usually loves to wander around and thinks the monkeys are hysterical so that is what we did except Olive had a different idea. She wanted me to hold her the whole time. As I mentioned in the previous post she has been a bit clingy so it didn't totally surprise me. So I held her and we looked at all the animals like we usually do. She has happy to see the monkeys and the birds. We usually just call it a day after a visit to the camels but I decided we should ride the train and carousal today. I've avoided the carousal because I thought she wouldn't want to sit still but boy was I wrong. We went on three times and she wanted more but this mom was gonna barf if we did one more lap but I am so excited that she is a fan. We also rode the train but she wasn't too thrilled with that and wanted off halfway through the ride. I guess it was too slow for her. We came home and ate a nice big lunch and then Olive took the most epic 2 1/2 hour nap.

Blake is off at his work party and I'm about to watch me some gossip girl while I enjoy something sweet.  Not bad not bad.

She is really into ripping the clothes off her baby but at least she gives her kisses.

Afternoon walk.

I made banana bread and she LOVED it.

Taco salad deconstructed. Beans, Onions, yellow pepper, soy meat, real meat, tomatoes, avocado, broccoli, tortilla. Her first real time eating meat (besides a bite of my moms steak). I let her choose between the two and she preferred the real meat tonight. We eat meat about twice a year in this house but I was just curious if she would like it. Also the kid loves raw tomatoes. Strange right?

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