Monday, December 19, 2011

Oh hi christmas week

Christmas is sneaking up pretty quickly this year. I keep talking about wrapping presents and perhaps tonight will be the night. Starting Thursday night we have some sort of dinner or family event planned which will make the week really fun. The weekend was a good one and was pretty packed. Saturday I spent a few hours with a friend hiking and getting lunch. It was a great day and some much needed girl time. My ass is still feeling the 5 mile hike today. I am officially out of shape. Saturday night we went to an ugly sweater party at Natalie's house which was a ton of fun. Olive stayed with Blake's family so we got the sleep in all the way till 7. I swear I'll never be able to sleep in again. Since she was hanging out there and naps pretty quickly after she wakes up we spent the morning getting coffee, breakfast, and running a few errands. After we got Olive we came home for a few hours to rest. Blake went on his annual boat parade bike ride with a bunch of friends. A bunch of fancy rich people decorate their boats and drive around the harbor and it makes for quite a little show. The boys ride all around and I'm sure cause all sorts of trouble. Olive and I spent the evening at Laurens house who is a girlfriend of one of the boys on the ride. There was one other girlfriend there so we spent the evening snacking, listening to lots of Christmas Frank Sinatra, and a few episodes of Yo Gabba Gabba for Olive. This was the first time I brought Olive to a friends house that didn't have kids to hang out for a few hours. I was nervous she would destroy the place but she was so good. She made quite the mess with food but she was pretty content just hanging out and snacking with the ladies. It's interesting trying to build friendships with non mom friends. I mean it's hard enough with moms but this is a whole other level. Of course more for me because I over think everything but it's definitely different.

Blake had a shoot early this morning and was out the door by 5am which left me to morning duties with Olive which I normally don't do so I am dragging big time today. My coffee sucked cause Blake usually me super yummy coffee and I feel like I'm in a fog. I did manage a shower and I'm dressed but man oh man I really appreciate that extra hour he spends with her in the morning that I can relax.

El Moro. Hell of a view.


Ugly Christmas Vest

Every time I have red lips I feel like a clown. I didn't end up wearing the headband. I felt like a weird american apparel hipster circa 2006.

Sleepy Blake.

Blake went for the creepy look.

Condoms and r&b cd for my white elephant gift.

Hanging with the girls.

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