Thursday, December 15, 2011

please nap

I'm trying to distract myself from staring at the monitor. Olive is fighting her nap this morning like crazy. We've been on a good run for naps so I guess a bad day is bound to happen. It's been 45 min of fake crying, kicking, and throwing things out of the crib. I went in and checked on her and even gave her some milk. I have no idea what is wrong. I know her teeth hurt but she is usually ok with going to sleep after some teething tablets. I thought we were done with the molars but turns out only half of those fuckers were actually in and the other half is now coming in. Those are some big ass teeth. Luckily they are almost in but it has been pretty painful. She has been grabbing at her mouth all week. That combined with her cold was a bit of a mess but luckily were done with the cold. I'm seriously scared to go back to her little gym class cause clearly some of those moms are dumb bitches who don't care about other kids ya know. Obviously I can't keep Olive in a bubble and I don't intend to but when you can't trust the people you are around it's just annoying. With swim I know the girls and I know we have the same respect. If your kid is sick you don't come to class and that is is. Same with my mom friends. If there is any sign of a sniffle we cancel the play date. It's just common courtesy ya know. The other day Olive and I were at the zoo looking at the camels and this mom and little girl come over and stand next to us. The kid had the most raspy voice ever and I thought it was kinda weird which made me pay attention to her. Then the mom picked her up and they walked away and the kid started coughing. She absolutely had whooping couch. I almost died right there. I just stared at her as she walked away like what person brings her child to a zoo around kids??? Clearly I'm not dr but that cough was whooping for sure! Speaking of whooping cough do you read Becoming Sarah?? She is hands down one of the best mom blogs out there and her daughter just caught whooping cough from a child who was not vaccinated. She is the most amazing writer and crazy honest about everything so if you don't read you should. I hope her daughter has a speedy recovery!!

This week has been flying by. I think this always happens as the holidays approach. Trying to get all my Christmas shopping done before next week and so far so good. The other goal is just to stay healthy for the holidays. We have the most packed week next week and it is going to be lots of running around, dinners all over the place, and wacky sleep schedules so I want to go into that super healthy. A bubble would be nice right about now.....

She can now do a somersault all by herself.

Funny kid.

Wacky outfit.

She got super pissed at me and threw my shoes down the hallway.

Mad at me again.

Blake called this my Jewish quinoa but it was really just my bastard dinner aka whatever is leftover gets grilled. Quinoa, carrots, celery, onions, garlic, tofu. Just missing the matzo balls.

Mint chocolate m&m cookies.

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