Thursday, December 29, 2011

all nighter baby

I learned a pretty important lesson the other night. Don't drink a mocha in the afternoon and definitely don't drink a dr pepper before nursing the child. I usually only have my morning coffee but since I was on "vacation" I went wild and shared a dr pepper with Blake before putting Olive down to sleep. I honestly didn't think twice about it till Olive was up the ENTIRE night. She went down totally fine at 7 and then at 9 she was up and didn't go back to sleep till after 3. We tried everything possible to get her back down but she was wired. After 2 hours of trying everything and ending up with a  screaming baby my mom took her upstairs to play. She was nuts, running around and talking like it was daytime and asking for food and milk. She finally started yawning a little after 3 and went down around then (or so I think, thanks mom) and was up around 7 ready to face the day. Unreal. First off the whole weaning thing isn't happening which is 100% my fault. I keep saying ok today I will cut the feeding or I'll wait till after this but the fact is I just can't bring myself to do it. I know it's time to stop as I really do want my boobs back but it's so much harder to do. I do feel ready or I wouldn't do it but I also have this weird guilt that I need to let go of.

Today is our last day in Mammoth. We ended up cutting the trip a little short since the snow is shit and we've kinda run out of things to do. We've hiked and walked and been into town and I kinda feel like we did it all. It's been fun but without having good snow to ride or being able to play in the backyard with Olive it's just time. Usually we can just mellow out and watch movies in our pj's and play games all day but Olive is really on the go and hanging isn't really an option so we'll head home instead. It works out as one of my best friends is in town for the holidays and I didn't think we would see her and we will. Also I hear the weather at home is beach weather so a little new years on the beach might be just what we need. The snow will come soon I'm sure and we can come back up here and enjoy it but till then I guess we will just enjoy the warm winter.
Morning Coffee after the night from hell.

Mmmmmmmm snow.

Just putting on some gloves.

Hike on the ski back trail.

We found snow!

She lasted about 2 min on my back and then wanted to walk the whole way.

Adventure baby.

Snowball fight with Stella.



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