Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas x 3

I'm baaaaack. It's been a few days since I've had a chance to turn on my computer. I have way too many photos to post of course. We had a wonderful Christmas (we had 3 of them) and we are finally up in Mammoth having some relaxing time or as much as you can with a toddler. We started celebrating on the 23rd at Blake's Aunts house for a little pizza party. It was a super laid back yummy dinner. Olive and Dane got to play which was kinda a first as they are still in the age where they don't really know what to do with each other. They mostly gave each other hugs while we cheered on cause that's what we do now. We all watch as they perform which is pretty hysterical. It was a ton of fun and kinda kicked off the festivities for the week. The next day was spent down at Blake's parents for their Christmas. The weather was unreal so we spent some time hanging at the beach. I think I'm still getting sand out of my little beach bums hair. She thinks it's hysterical to pick up the sand and drop it on her head and she is also really into trying to do headstands. Such a funny girl. Anyways the day was spent being super mellow and just hanging with the fam. Blake went surfing while Olive napped and Robin and I drank Bloody Mary's which was quite the treat as I've been craving them for a long time. I think I am going to make sure this is a new tradition cause they were delicious. We opened presents and ate dinner and it was a great time. The next morning we did our own little Christmas before heading off to my parents where we arrived just in time for Bagels and Lox and some serious present opening. Since the weather was so amazing we went in the jacuzzi and visited with some friends. Pretty good Christmas I tell ya.
Olive got some amazing presents and I will be spending the next week in major anal organizing mode to try and figure out where everything is going to fit. She is such a lucky girl. It was definitely an elmo and yo gabba gabba Christmas. And now we're up in the mountains being total lazy bums. Usually this time of year Mammoth is covered in snow but it looks like summer up here and there are only a few patches of snow here and there. It will be enough to put Olive in all her snow gear and pull her in a sled in the backyard but I'm so bummed as snowboarding is kinda out of the questions. The lifts are open but it looks awful. I'm sure we will find plenty to keep us busy but for the first few days it's just a matter of getting adjusted to the altitude which I swear drugs me cause I'm ready for bed at like 5. My goal up here is to exercise everyday and just get out since the weather is beautiful. Blake and I went on a nice little walk this morning and I'm hoping to do the same tomorrow. We'll see what adventures the week brings.....

Ok and now for a total photo overload......

She is only nice to Olive when she has food.


Mama's shoe.

Uncle Evan.

She waved to the train each time it went by.

Hugs for Dane.

More hugs.

More of a snuggle.

Dad's and babies.

One more hug but I'm not putting down the remote.

Good read except I think I'm behind an issue.

Blake got pooped on so he is trying to wipe it off. Gross!


Beach hanging.

Bloody Mary.

Uncle Ross and his Yo Yo.

Straw Glasses. Amazing right?

Chistmas Morning. Her new kitchen and shopping cart. She was so so happy.

Laughing at Sierra in her Santa outfit.

Wood Magnets. I hope this helps me to have 5 extra min to cook dinner without a toddler hanging off my leg.

Man bag for Blake and sander for me.

More goodies for me from Blake.

Christmas in California.

Nolan was not into hugs from Olive.

Half Jews eat Chinese Food on Christmas.

She can open doors. So not cool.

Long drive and a little help from Gabba.


Sierra as yoda.

Relaxing with thin mints.

Crappy Snow.

Attempting a homemade Bloody Mary. I need to practice, it was kinda gross.

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