Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Underwater Baby

Last week in swim we had a substitute teacher and he had a fancy underwater camera. It's hysterical to see her little eyes so wide open. She is still loving swim and she is starting to get to the point where she doesn't want me to hold her anymore which doesn't quite work out since she can't swim on her own yet. She is starting to get the kicking and moving her arms at the same time but I'm not sure when it will connect and she will be able to keep her head above water. Either way we're having fun. I even went on a mom date last night with one of the moms from swim! We had planned to meet up with another one of her mom friends but she flaked at the last minute so it was just us. We went to a yummy little wine bar in Brea and drank yummy wine and way too much food. It was much needed. She is super easy to talk to and we just seem to get along great. It's easy which it should be. I hope there are more girl's night out in our future because it was sure needed!

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