Friday, December 9, 2011


I've already vented my head off to my mother in law about how much I hate the bitch from my tumbling class that brought her sick snotty nosed kid to tumbling class last week and infected my child. Last week there was this one snotty nosed drooling kid that kept touching me. I'm not a bitch I swear but when you bring a sick kid around my kid I get pissy. There was also another kid that my mom and I both thought was sick too. My mom and I kept throwing looks to each other the whole class when the kids got near. I mean what could I do, grab Olive and go home?? I'm not that nuts (yet) but by being whatever about it my kid is now sick. I know this was where she got it from because the timing works out perfectly and she hasn't been around anyone else who has been sick. I know I should just relax and not worry about it but we just got over a month of colds around here and now we are back in it again. The cycle is vicious. Olive gets sicks which if you are a mom you know is awful. I hate that she can't blow her nose and she doesn't understand why she feels crappy. It's plain sad. Then I will get sick because I'm just a big tissue for her to wipe snail trails on and I have zero immune system. I got a nasty case of Epsteins Bar many years ago and I've never actually recovered so germs find me and just love it. Then after I'm better Blake will get sick which is actually the worst since he has to be at work all day. Not fun for anyone and just because some bored housewife couldn't keep her kid at home for an hour. Oh can you tell I'm mad??? So now obviously we are not going to class since Olive is sick and I would never do that to other kids but I'm afraid next week I'm going to be a total bitch. You see I've never actually been mean to anyone before or confronted anyone probably ever but something about fucking with my child might bring out the beast in me. Ok probably not but inside I'm gonna call her nasty names. That was my vent, I'm over it now. Let's hope for a speedy recovery for Olive and an immune system miracle for Blake and myself!

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