Thursday, December 1, 2011

Sea World with Grandma

One more day till I'm even older ok actually 2 more hours! Icky icky ick! My mom came down for a few days to hang out with Olive and help me celebrate my birthday. Tonight we went out to a yummy dinner and then tomorrow my mom will head home cause Blake has a birthday night planned for me!! So I guess I should be pretty darn excited that I get a night out for getting older.

Yesterday was Sea World and we met Natalie and her kids down there. We wandered around, got lunch, and actually sat through a show. We saw the dolphin show which was kinda a mixture of acrobatics, dolphins and birds. It sounds weird but it was actually really cool. Olive loved the first 15 min and after that she was kinda over it and way more interested in hanging and licking the railing, snuggling up to Nola, and eating popcorn. She did love the shark encounter which is hands down my favorite thing there. I could walk through that tunnel of sharks all day. It was a really fun day and I'm glad my mom was able to join us on our sea world adventure. And of course on to photos.......

So glad she is into hugging this week and not hitting. She wanted to hold her hand all day too. So stinking cute.

Olive's first ride. Not gonna lie it was kinda wild for a little kid ride.

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