Thursday, July 1, 2010


I've posted a million photos of cribs and I go back and forth on which ones I like daily but I am making a decision and ordering next week. I'm gonna lay them all out here and then stare. I have learned a lot in this process. I started off thinking I would just get the Graco from Target that was $180. It was cute, modern, and TOXIC! Ya learning about all the crazy shit they make these cribs out of just blows my mind. Its still really hard to really tell if the ones I've been looking at are totally safe but most will tell you what they are made of and make a point to say they are safe. The only way to totally avoid the toxic crib is to spend a whole lotta money. If that were the case I would probably get this. My only complaint is there isn't a good dresser that matches it. I found this but I have no idea if they would work together. Plus its crazy expensive!

Oeuf Sparrow Crib

Ouef 4 drawer dresser

The one I keep going back to is the Land of Nod stuff. Its expensive but seems like it will last for a really long time.

White Anderson Crib

White Blake Dresser

Columbia Convertible Crib White Atlantic Furniture

Windsor 6 Drawer 54" Dresser in White

Baby Mod

Baby Mod - Cadence Combo Dresser

Baby Mod - Cadence 4-Drawer Dresser

(The Walmart photos suck so its hard to view, this is what happens when you hire a shitty retoucher)
Once I get furniture and I can think about painting and art which is the fun stuff! I already have a bunch of art on Etsy that I have bookmarked and will post another time.

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