Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I love you Raffi

I have a new obsession, the Raffi station on Pandora. I sang 4 songs to Olive and she passed out on my shoulder. If you know my child your jaw probably dropped to the floor. Sleeping is not her thing but she fell asleep on my shoulder to me singing, holy shit! Not to mention we were dancing around the living room like total crazy people. Mom, if you're reading this please find my Raffi vinyl!! This may never happen again so I want to document it.

While I'm talking sleep I should mention the last week and her sleep since I haven't bored the blog world with her sleeping schedule in a few days. Things are definitely better, some nights being really really good and some sorta rough. Last night was really weird. She went down at 7:30 and then at 10 she woke up screaming and not in the come to me cry but like something was wrong. Blake took the first shift, changed her diaper and tried to calm her but she was just not having it. After he was done I went in and tried but she was just so upset. She was doing a screaming cry which is usually what she does when something hurts or she is super duper pissed. Maybe something I ate, I dunno but it took over an hour to get her back down. Brutal. She was up again at 4 to eat and it was another struggle to get her down. This time she was just wide awake so we left her in her crib and she whimpered but never cried and then she went to sleep. It's been so hard to try and figure out when its ok to walk away and when I need to be with her. I'm pretty anti crying it out but I have found that there are times when I walk away she is totally fine, no tears, and puts herself to sleep so I'm trying to find that balance. Have you ever cried yourself to sleep? You wake up feeling crappy so I don't want her feeling like that. Also Blake and I have different ideas with the whole sleeping thing. I like the idea of being there to pat her back and he thinks she needs to figure it out all on her own. So not only do we need to find a way to make it work best for her but it needs to work for us. No one ever mentions that sometimes parents have different views on things and you have to work through that too. Anyways we're finding the balance for everyone. The other night after spending hours trying to get her down I did walk away and you know what she never made a peep. She played with her toys and then crawled up in a little ball and went to sleep. Tricky stuff trying to figure out what a little human wants that can't talk. I'm just happy she has been waking up 2x a night instead of 4-5. It's been amazing to get some sleep. I'm hoping we can get it down to just 1 time a night when she is ready and maybe even the entire night but I'm not pushing it quite yet. Enjoying not being up every 2 hours this week. I just wish people would stop offering sleep advice especially the "just let her cry." One thing doesn't work on all babies, if it did there wouldn't be a bizzilion sleeping books and ton of different techniques. There is no wrong way or right way just the way that works for your baby but damn the process of getting there is hard. What do people with super easy babies that sleep through the night and nap for hours? How boring.......

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