Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Princess Angel Butterfly Wings

Yep I dressed Olive up as a Princess or an Angel, I dunno there was a lot of pink and a lot of lace involved. We had a play date at Natalie's today with a few friends and their kids. Two of the girls were playing dress up so I grabbed a few things and put them on Olive. She didn't seem to mind. Then she barfed on the dress. I'm not kidding. I can't make this stuff up. So her princess days were over. Anyways we had a lovely play date/lunch with friends. Olive was so good and played so well on the floor with all the toys. She wasn't too into the older kids but her and Gavin crawled and grabbed toys from each other. Olive is way more interested in interacting with adults. She kept clapping all day and showing off her new skill. When my friend Stephanie came over to greet us Olive immediately put her hands out for Stephanie to hold her. This was her first time meeting her. I wonder when Olive is going to get shy? We played on the swing set and she loved it. I think she would of stayed there all day if I didn't take her out. She even started to fall asleep in the swing but one of the kids made a loud noise and she woke up but if a swing set can help my baby nap I think I NEED one, like now.

I even took my lazy ass to kickboxing tonight. I tried to talk myself out of it all day but Blake left work early to make sure he was home in time so it gave me that motivation to go. I'm glad I did cause I feel so good although the class was full of mutants. Ever take a class or walk into a store where everyone is just standing around with their heads up their ass and you think its like the twilight zone? I swear people were like fumbling all over the place, in the way, and being annoying. Ok maybe it was 50% mutant class and 50% me pmsing. Either way it was a great workout. I won't go again till Saturday but I'm thinking about adding a running day on thursday down at the beach. Just not sure I have the right stroller for that but I think I'm gonna try it out. Thought that would be fun since we go down that way for the farmers market. Summer is coming and about a billion wedding events are happening soon so I'm feeling that pressure to drop a few pounds. I'm still not at my pre baby weight, about 7 pounds or so away. I know its such a silly small amount but I can see it. I know all the right things to do but I've just been lacking the motivation but I'm slowly getting there.

Anyways on to photos......

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