Thursday, May 19, 2011

lots of photos for a thursday

I went a little crazy with photos today (a few were from yesterday). We didn't really do much but I was camera happy. We made a little run to babies r us for some practical and non practical items. We mostly played in the house, backyard, did some laundry, and then walked to the park. Olive took an hour and a half nap in her carseat again. I still can't figure out what it is about being in a carseat that makes her sleep but I'm totally ok with it. With the longer nap she isn't really interested in her last nap so I think as long as she gets a nice long nap in we can try and go for two naps. I got the most wonderful package in the mail today from Ashley with the sweetest card in the world. I swear its like there are those friends that just time things right and don't even mean to. Ashley just got back from Paris and found the cutest Chloe dress for Olive. I had to try it on her but it's still a bit large but I think it screams out first birthday party. To make the day even better I had a wonderful chat with Marisa who later called back with her fiance (ohhh I like the way that sounds) to face time with Olive. It made me so happy to actually see their faces. I love technology. The last few days have sucked balls but I'm finally snapping out out so hopefully there won't be any more emo posts from me for awhile (at least until I start to PMS)

I'm making a playroom for Olive. It's slowly coming together but I'm pretty excited about it.

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