Monday, May 16, 2011

teething toofus

I knew Olive was teething but I didn't realize how close her top teeth were to coming in. When I caught a glimpse the other day it was puffy gums but today I can see white of one of the teeth. It must really be bothering her cause as soon as she gets tired she is just a sad sad crying mess. Her teeth don't bother her as much when she is busy playing but I think its because she is so busy sticking things in her mouth to care. She is loving those frozen teething rings and since she is older now she can actually use it. It was much more difficult with the bottom teeth when she couldn't really figure out how to hold the teether there. So I'm thinking well have teeth by the end of this week and hopefully she will sleep better. Her nights haven't been awful and she has been up 2x every night with a wake up time of 6am but it isn't awful. Maybe after her teeth are in she will drop one of those wake up times? We're being super lazy today and I think we're going to stay home and just play on the floor all day. Perfect day for a flannel and leggings.

I forget if I posted these videos....

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