Monday, May 30, 2011

Liz and Brad get Married

The weekend started off with a pretty epic dinner on Friday night. My parents were coming down for the weekend for a wedding that we were all going to on Saturday so they made a little visit to our house for dinner. I made pulled pork, coleslaw, and elotes.

This was the first time Olive attended a wedding. She was a trooper as we were gone from 1:00-9:00. The ceremony took place in a church and Olive wasn't super into being quiet. In order to keep her sorta quiet it was a combination of jumping her on my lap to doing laps up and down the isles in the church. I'm sure the sound of my heels was actually more annoying than her noises. She of course decided that making spitting noises was something she needed to do when it was complete silence. She did much better at the reception which was nice and loud. She slept through most of cocktail hour and was pretty good during dinner. She is super into clapping right now so when they introduced the wedding party she was so happy to clap along with everyone. Pretty much the cutest thing ever. She sat in a high chair while we ate and did pretty good. We had a lot of help with my mom there so it made it pretty easy. When it got late we put her in pj's and took her out on the dance floor. She liked it for a little while then got super tired and passed out on me. It was a lot of fun to hang with friends and family!

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