Friday, May 6, 2011


The whole house is asleep so I am taking advantage of alone computer time. I usually get mad at Blake when he wants to go to bed at 9pm but not tonight cause early to bed means early to rise. Aka he can hang out with Olive when she wakes up at her new wake time of 6am!!!
I decided we would go to the zoo today since it was the perfect weather. It finally cooled down and was in the 70's so I figured some outdoor time was good. We loaded up the car and headed to the zoo. I think its about 5 miles away and as soon as I pulled into the parking lot I look back and Olive is passed out asleep. If you know my napping history with Olive you know I was not about to wake her so I figured she would do her normal 30 min on the dot and then we would be looking at monkeys. So I sat there, sent out a few emails, talk to Marisa on the phone, checked my facebook, looked at my blogs, texted with Ashley and my mom and 30 minutes flew by and she was still sleeping. And then another 30 min went by. I guess I could of gone home but I was actually quite content sitting in my car except I felt creepy just sitting there since it had been so long. Finally after a little over an hour I decided it was time to go (had to pee) and as soon as I walked around to get her out she has opened her eyes. Maybe it was the car door slamming or just good timing but she was well rested and ready for critters.
The Santa Ana Zoo is really small so we only walked around for about 45 min. If I pointed something out she was pretty interested in looking but if not she was super content playing with my zipper since I had her in my ergo. She loved the monkeys especially the spider monkeys. She watched them with wide eyes and would just track them when they were swinging around. She was easily distracted by people and happily watched kids run around. It was cute to see her look around at things and start to get interested. After that we spent the rest of the day hanging at home on the floor.

Random iphone pics.

Sleepy Baby
I gave her a Mohawk for a quick second.
Shot on the leg.
Yes this is a VERY large plastic toy which I was really trying to avoid in my life. We do have a few plastic things and 99% of them are BPA free (which yes I know still isn't great but its something) but this was something my mom got as a hand me down and Olive LOVES it so I asked to borrow it. My mom thinks I'm nuts with my anti plastic rants and raves so I'm sure she was laughing at me when I asked if we could keep it at my house. I'm learning that as much as I have strong convictions towards certain things I also have to keep an open mind in some cases. Ya the plastic isn't the safest thing in the world but for the few months she plays with it a few times a day I think it will be ok. Moderation I guess. I still want to limit the plastic in my house but I'm learning I have to let some things go. Sorry long rant for a photo.

I'm kinda obsessed with these three photos. I think I'm going to reshoot these and actually make them good cause I sorta like where they are going.

It's hard to tell but she is covered in milk and food. We let her go ape shit at dinner and get dirty since its straight to the bath afterwards.Plus her new thing is trying to rip off her bib so why bother. I love this sippie cup. It will entertain her so we can sit down and have dinner and then some. Amazing. Oh and we tried a few more foods and she isn't a fan of green beans which is funny cause I can't stand them either. Everything else she just loves so its not a big deal. She is just like her momma!

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