Monday, May 9, 2011

My Day

My first Mothers Day was quite lovely. I'm not huge for holidays like this. Valentines Day actually makes me nauseous. I definitely think all days are special and random acts of extra kindness or treats are much more special then a forced special day BUT since it was my first mothers day I was sorta excited. Mostly just to spend the day with my little family. Olive let us sleep till 8:30 which was pretty much the biggest treat of all. She did wake up at 1 and 5 but the extra sleep was much appreciated. Blake made me french toast and my most favorite thing in the world, a soy cappuccino. We didn't really have plans so we decided to go get some lunch at Tommy Bahamas. I know I know you can feel the douche chills just reading it but for the last few months I have been reading all these amazing reviews about the place and was so interested in trying it but kept putting it off cause well its Tommy Bahamas and khaki Hawaiian shirts are just not my thing. First off I think they filter coconut smell at the door where you walk in, no joke. The place is actually quite pretty, screams vacation so it was quite relaxing. The food was amazing and the Bloody Mary Martini I had is worth going back just for a few rounds of those. Olive put on a total show for all the waiters. She was playing peek-a-boo with a napkin and people were just eating it up. She definitely makes up for her crappy sleeping with her good restaurant behavior. When Blake went to the bathroom some dude came up to our table and told me how cute she was. Olive grabbed his hand and smiled. He asked when she was born and when I told him he kinda laughed and told me he was a libra too and said he knew she was which I found kinda funny. Libra's are funny like that. Believe what you want with signs but Olive is oozing with libra these days.

Anyways after lunch we headed over to Fashion Island for some shopping, aka me torturing Blake. I had a gift certificate for Anthropologie from last mothers day so I figured it was time to spend it since I wasn't pregnant like last year. I got one shirt, shit is expensive there! I dragged Blake through forever 21 while Olive was passed out in the stroller. I would pass a few things and ask him what he thought. Every time it was the same answer of "its ok." So I told him to pick stuff out for me that was really cute and not just ok. Oh don't worry I took photos of his choices as I was cracking up in the dressing room. I liked some of the stuff but unfortunately I couldn't pull off any of the looks and I just look ridiculous. I cannot pull off effortless fashion and this is what he was going for. Sorry Blake, its stripes, black, grey, and baggy tops for me! He also told me that I don't show enough skin. Ummm my skin is not that cute these days, its a bit on the squishy side. But the thing is I've never worn low cut tops or showed cleavage. I don't care if people do it's just not for me. Maybe I'll start now. That would be pretty funny huh?

I'm rambling as usual but the rest of the day was really lovely. We ran into some friends while shopping (Olive's future boyfriend) and then we came home. Once Olive was in bed we drank wine and played cards. Pretty good night!

Playing with bubbles

5'1+curves=bad look for me
Cropped top, I don't think so.
Crazy pup eyes.
Max and Olive.

The rest of the weekend was pretty fun too. On Saturday we had a birthday party to go to for our friends one year old. I didn't take many photos cause I was busy drinking two whole beers but it was fun to be around other little ones and play baby wrangler all day with Olive. She was having so much fun playing with all the toys and crawling around like a crazy person.

Ian, Emily, and Birthday boy Jude.

Today we had a little play date with Gavin but he got sleepy before I could get any photos but I did get a quick photo of Olive with my good friend Julie.

She loves climbing on me and then letting go. She can stand for quick second on her own. Crazy.

Thanks for reading my ramblings and crappy grammar.........

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