Saturday, May 14, 2011

lazy saturday

We had a super lazy Saturday and it was wonderful. The sun never came out so we had no motivation to do anything. I went to kickboxing in the morning so I wasn't that lazy I guess. We hung around the house all day. I made Olive a bunch of food and baked some banana bread. We ran out and got sandwiches and ate while Olive played on the floor (aka tried to grab our food) Olive napped and we both passed out on the couch watching Planet of the Apes. When she woke up we took a walk over to Target and then got back in our pjs. It's been a while since we've had a lazy day and it was quite wonderful.

We went out last night to a dinner party and it was pretty fun but I was about to kill someone once 10:30 hit cause I was so tired. I had two beers and I thought I was going to fall asleep standing up. Staying up late these days is just so hard. There was amazing food and it was just nice to get out for a bit. During the day Blake's mom came over to hang with Olive and give me some time to catch up on crap around the house. I got a bunch of Olive's food cooked, made vegan mac n cheese for the dinner party, and caught up on some laundry. Then I got a last minute surprise visit from my friend Kat and her 6 weeks old little Sonia. I forgot what it was like to hold a little baby. Sonia is really tiny at only 6 pounds so Olive was never that small but I still feel like I don't remember the whole baby phase. She is the cutest little thing and she was so alert. I even got smiles. I am so in love!

As if the day wasn't packed enough in the morning I took Olive to her first Hullabaloo concert. I joined this orange county moms thing in an attempt to be social. I was not social at all but we had a great time dancing to the music and sitting on a blanket on the grass just hanging. Olive loved watching the other kids and she totally got her dance on.

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