Sunday, May 22, 2011


Well people we survived the rapture. I still want to meet someone that actually believed it was going to happen. In the spirit off these nut jobs my friends through a rapture party. The weather was absolutely perfect, there was a ton of treats, booze, and good company. Olive was quite a little party animal. The first half of the party she was pretty ansy, just wanted to try and grab my beer and crawl dangerously close to the pool. Once she discovered she could pull herself up on the wall and pluck flowers in the garden she was pretty happy. Then she had a fan club of girls who I gladly let pass her around the party. My child does not have one shy bone in her body. She was bouncing on laps, grabbing sunglasses, and giggling like crazy with all the girls. It was enough time for me to enjoy a beer and for her to break one pair of sunglasses (sorry Tamar). I didn't want to go home but it was getting close to Olive's bedtime and we knew she would start to get her grump on she we left on a good note with a happy baby. It was a much needed time to get out and enjoy some party time.

Today was a super fun day too. It was Evans birthday so we headed down to the beach in the afternoon so all the brothers could surf (minus Ross). Olive loved sitting on the beach crawling all over Grandma Rosie. Two blocks, a blanket, and a body to crawl on and she is pretty content. I tried to take her down to the water but it was just too cold for a dip with the feet. After the boys surf session we went to dinner. Olive slept through half of dinner and woke up in a kinda bla mood. She kept hitting her food out of my hand and made the biggest mess and if she wasn't constantly entertained she screamed. Just one of those nights I guess. We usually don't have any problems when we eat out with her so it was just one of those cranky nights.

And now I must crawl into bed. I've been getting into bed like an hour early just so I can read my Tina Fey book. I'm sorta obsessed with it and don't want it to end. I need something good when I'm finished with it which could be any day now. I tried reading the "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" and I'm just way too tired for something that like that. Anyone read anything good lately??

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